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That sounds like an awesome trip! I would be totally all in on the idea, but I'm thinking I'm not QUITE in good enough shape for that :P

The Cured Ham

Well done. I've still got to get up Bear Creek Spire. Looks like a perfect day. Alpine starts don't always start on the mountain, right? And welcome to Typepad.

Heather Krauss

Hi there, I came across your story and it reminded me of a little adventure some friends and I did several years ago. No climbing involved but lots of bike and hike. Always hard to find people game for such outings. We left Big Bear Lake on our mt bikes at 4 or 5am. Rode up and over the ridge line between Snow Summit and Bear Mountain and down the other side into the Santa Ana river canyon. From there we rode up past Jink's lake to Poop Out Hill, stashed the bikes then proceeded on foot to the summit of San Gorgonio, a 'day' hike itself. We returned to our bikes then rode up hwy 38 past Onyx Summit 8443, then down into Big Bear city just as it got dark. Hiking and biking together, was over 11,000 feet of elevation gain over more than 40 miles. It was a great day! BTW, I lived in Grenoble France for 4 wonderful years and got to spend lots of time in the Alps. You're a lucky girl, your doing all the things I dreamt of doing (I got to do a lot in the past, and plan on more adventures. Currently on the list, Whitney MR in spring (if I find some takers), East Face in July with some rock women, and hopefully 2 summits in the Alps next summer with an old Grenoble buddy who is a french 'guide de haute montagne'). In the mean time I may read more of your adventures and live vicariously... BTW when I lived in France I read some GREAT climbing novels of the early conquest of the Alps, and Edward Whymper's book on the conquest of the Alps, both in French, great books, if you speak french you would love them. Maybe you saw the German adventure/drama about the 1930s attempts on the Eiger. It's on Netflix. They rode their bikes to the mountain from Bavaria. All the Best, Heather


Lyra- I only found this today and I love love love it! I read it outloud to Jed and we cracked up at the lengthening shadows......oh uh shoadows. So funny. Great writing!!

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I lived in Grenoble France for 4 wonderful years and got to spend lots of time in the Alps.


How lucky you are! I dream of going back to live there for longer. One year was just enough to get started and really appreciate the place.

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What a beautiful view. Perfect for hikers.


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